As a member you will be able to attend our Membership Meetings held on the second Monday of every month. You are encouraged to share your area of expertise, your stories or just come and experience some Chelsea history. Several times a year, we are able to provide special programs for members…

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Membership Form for mailing HERE

Please make checks payable to:
“Chelsea Area Historical Society”
Chelsea Area Historical Society
128 Jackson Street, Chelsea, MI 48118

Feel free to call or email us at:
734-476-2010 or email at:

Membership fees and donations are tax deductible. The Chelsea Area Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) organization: EIN #:38-2523734


Membership Term

Membership term is for one year.  Beginning with your membership this year, your term will run from the date we receive your payment and expire on that date one year later.  We will notify you when your membership term is coming due. Your expiration date will also appear on your membership card so you will know when the term is ending.


Membership Levels and Rates

  • Individual Membership-Individual shall be a person over the age of 18.  Individual Members shall have one (1) vote, may hold office, and may serve on committees. $15.00/year
  • Senior-Senior membership shall be available to any person over the age of 60. Senior Members shall have one (1) vote, may hold office, and serve on committees. $10.00/year
  • Junior-Members shall be any person between the ages of 12 to 18. Junior members may serve on committees. Shall not vote. Shall pay annual dues. $1.00/year
  • Patron-Patron members shall be any person providing support to CAHS. Patron members shall have one (1) vote, may hold office, and may serve on committees. $35.00/year
  • Business Membership-Business membership shall be issued in the name of the business entity. The owner of the business shall have one (1) vote at any meeting of the membership.  May serve on the Board of Directors, shall not serve as an officer. Dues will be established by the Board.  Membership entitles the business to complimentary advertisements in the newsletter and on the website with Board approval. $150.00/year

Benefits of Membership

  • Personalized Membership Card – identifying you as a person who cares about Chelsea area history.
  • History Bits – CAHS newsletter which is published three to four times each year.
  • Inside the Museum – CAHS monthly eNews delivered directly to your inbox.
  • CAHS Tote bag – A voucher for a free Museum tote bag. Bring it in to the museum and pick up your bag when you visit!
  • Discounts for Specific Events – Some events during the year that have charges associated with them may be offered to members at a discounted rate.
  • Museum Access – Members also have the benefit of scheduling a special appointment with a board member for small groups to tour the museum.
  • Discount in the Gift Shop – Members receive a 10% discount on all items sold at the Museum Store
  • Thank you for your support!