2017 Officers, Directors & Committee Chairs, & Appointees

Board Officers

  • Bill O’Reilly, President
  • Glenna Jo Christen, Vice President of Museum Operations
  • Bob Dancer, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Hammer, Secretary

Board Directors

  • Jane Creswell, Membership Director
  • Cathy Bean, Education Director / Programs & Education
  • Jan Bernath, Preservation Director

Committee Chairs

  • Jan Bernath and Cathy Bean, Preservation Committee
  • Cathy Bean and Glenna Jo Christen, High Teas
  • Jan Bernath, Homes Tour

Other Museum Positions

  • Kathy Clark, Curator
  • Glenna Jo Christen, Archivist
  • Jan Starr – Museum Gift Shop (including Antique Mall booth)
  • Pat Austin, Parliamentarian